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FARSS - Fogging and Respiratory Simulation System

Fogging and Respiratory Simulation System.jpg

FARSS is a computer controlled sweating, heated head form that has been developed by i-bodi for a UK military research agency for evaluating fogging and ice propagation in air crew, military and first responder respirators. The entire test system has been designed by i-bodi based upon the requirements of the customer. As well as producing the most technologically advanced test platform of its type, i-bodi can proudly claim the development of a new type of process among other advances achieved during this project.

The head form is split into three individually heated zones and accommodates twenty-two independently dosed sweat zones mapped across the face and scalp.  Visual feedback from a camera in each eye is captured and analysed by the control program, fogged zones are highlighted from green to red corresponding to the degree of misting.

Improvements over current systems:

  • Accurate programmable sweat rates
  • Purpose developed acuity screen to maximise analysed area
  • Selectable sweat zones
  • Humidified breathing machine
  • Intensity and area of misting analysed
  • Highly accurate repeatable testing
  • Variable breathing rates

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