Animatronic Headform, Medium Size, with Chamber

This animatronic headform is based on NIOSH medium sized head CAD data. The head has a soft Shore 00, (00-20), elastomer skin which has variable skin thicknesses. There is a flexible breathing tube within the head that runs from back of the mouth cavity through the torso and connects to the breathing machine. The skin is replaceable and connects, with magnets, to an epoxy composite torso section with upper arms which could support a full breathing rig. The chamber is an acrylic chamber with access windows and sampling ports can be specified when ordering. The 316 stainless steel wheeled base can hold a digital breathing machine such as the i-bodi DBM-01.

There are two movement options to this headform:

Option 1. Includes head rotate side to side, head nod, tilt and a jaw open close function.

Option 2. Includes head rotate side to side, head nod, tilt, a jaw open close function and moving lip functions.

Option 3. There are five standard facial/head sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Long/Narrow, and Short/Wide) corresponding to International Organisation for Standards (ISO) technical specification IS0/TS 16976-2.

Please note colours may vary from the images.