Whatever your project, we can provide a complete solution with a finished end product or be employed as a contractor during any stage, by utilising one or more of our services.

Design and Development​

i-bodi have a professional team that can ensure that your design brief and concepts are met to the highest possible standards. Our digital design service uses the 3D CAD modelling software, Autodesk Inventor and Geomagic. We also use ZBrush, a digital sculpting design software along with traditional sculpting techniques and a laser scanning service to help realise any design concept.

Movement Systems

Using the latest electronic engineering technology, we can design and develop movement in anatomically correct figures or displays of any nature. We achieve this by using a range of technologies including mechatronics, electronic, computer-controlled robotic systems, servo-controlled systems, hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems. These systems can be developed to use either commercially available, or if needed, bespoke control software.

Manufacturing and Production​

We have the facilities to create working proto-types or manufacture any part required by any brief to realise your project. Our engineering room is equipped with a range of machining and welding equipment, including CNC machines, 3D printing and a laser scanning capability, which has many applications including reverse engineering, digitalisation of models, and scale manipulation. In addition, we have the facilities to mould and cast in any material including carbon composite, GRP (fibreglass), PU resins and soft or hard foams and silicone elastomers,