DBM-01 Digital Breathing Machine

The DBM-01 has been developed for use in conjunction with head forms or mannequins to simulate live participant breathing in respirator and head-wear evaluation studies and similar applications.

The breathing machine has been specifically developed to withstand use in chemically aggressive applications, being purpose built from components to allow external exposure to harsh environments and internal exposure to contaminated air supplies.

Maximum Tidal Volume 6 Litres
Minimum Tidal Volume 50 ml
Maximum Breathing Rate 60 Bpm
Minimum Breathing Rate 5 Bpm
Maximum Flow Rate 1439 litres/min
Temperature Range -5 + 50˚C
Dimensions in mm (H x L x D) 425 x 450 x 450mm
Weight in kg 48kg
Supply Voltage 110-240 volts AC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Current 13 Amp
Computer PC Connection Requirement Ethernet
Windows 7 or later

The DBM-01 can be supplied in numerous configurations to suit the user application:

  • Stand alone switch/digital input selectable pre-programmed breathing profiles for simple breathing emulation tests, more portable systems or applications where a control computer is not desired.
  • Basic computer controlled breathing profiles to provide a wide selection of preset breathing profiles.
  • Advanced computer control to provide full user defined breathing patterns including irregular patterns.
  • Breathing chamber capacity can be altered on request to provide larger tidal volumes.
  • Optional inline breath humidifier unit.

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