Fogging and Respiratory Sweating System

FARSS – Fogging and Respiratory Simulation System

This heated and sweating head-form was developed to evaluate fogging and ice propagation in air crew, military and first responder respirators.

The head-form is split into three individually heated zones and accommodates twenty-two independently dosed sweat zones mapped across the face and scalp. Visual feedback is from a camera in each eye. The data is captured and analysed by the control program; fogged zones are highlighted from green to red corresponding to the degree of misting.

The system is capable of monitoring 300 independent zones and gives an obscurity rating of 0-100% along with temperature, humidity and visual images at a rate of up to 10 frames per second. Analysis of the data provided by the control program enables the user to get a comprehensive report of when fogging occurred and under what conditions it formed.

Please note colours may vary from the images.