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Respirator Testing Head Form - Version 2

MoD/DGA CBRN Defence Centre
DGA Maîtrise NRBC 2008

This Respirator Testing Head Form has been designed as a testbed for simulating the realistic movements and breathing routines of combat field operatives. It has been developed to provide fully controllable and repeatable trails with the clear objective of analysing the functionality of respirators.

The unit comprises of two main elements: the mechanical headform and DBM-01 digital breathing machine, which can be run either autonomously or in parallel operation.

The system has been designed to emulate the human lip, jaw, and neck movements as realistically as possible in order to provide qualitative test data. The headform is covered in a skin-like polymer layer to provide realistic locus point for the headwear seals. Beneath this is a carbon composite skull, encapsulating the electronic motors and corrosive resistant anodised aluminium and stainless steel mechanisms which provide the anthropomorphic movements. A breathing tube is attached within the mouth cavity and runs through the interior of the skull, routing through the stainless steel chassis below - terminating at the DBM-01 mounted to the bottom of the unit.

The unit can be purchased as either a stand-alone unit which uses a 10.1 inch touch screen display, or as a remote unit which requires a connection to a PC via USB. The intuitive software allows the user to configure movements to a required degree of rotation, and breathing patterns to a required tidal volume, number of breaths per minute, and maximum flow rate. Any combination of movements and breathing patterns can be used, giving the user complete control of any test configuration.

If less articulation would better suit your application or budget, the headform is available in a number of different configurations. The lip mechanisms can be removed for example, which reduces the complexity and cost of the final headform. For further options and pricing please contact us.

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