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Respirator Testing Head Form


This computer controlled testing platform has been produced to evaluate the integrity of respirator seals when manipulated by realistic mouth and facial movements. There are thirteen points of articulation including nine around the lips to accurately simulate the articulatory phonetics of speech. Other notable features include a mechanism to mimic a swallowing motion, actuators to produce head turn, tilt and nod movements and an articulated jaw with lower mandible jutting action.

The head form is comprised of a hard skeletal base structure covered in a variable thickness silicone skin representative of the human face to produce a realistic locus surface for respirators.

The head form can be programmed to perform any motions the customer desires within the range of the actuators, for example the system can simulate a conversing person, recite an excerpt of prose/poetry or cycling through preset extremes of movement.

The head form is fully compatitble with the DBM-01 digital breathing machine to enhance the testing capability of the system. This addition allows the head form to produce user defined breathing patterns in the respirator whilst under test.

i-bodi have recently upgraded the original design of the head form to improve the durability of the device extending the headwear loading capability of the system to armoured CBRN helmets.

This product has been updated. Click here for the latest version.

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