Fully Animatronic Respirator Testing Head Form

This Respirator Testing Head-Form simulates the realistic movements and breathing routines of combat field operatives. It can realistically emulate the human lip, jaw, and neck movements. It has been developed to provide fully controllable and repeatable trials with the clear objective of analysing the functionality of respirators. It is suitable for use in chemically abrasive chambers.

The skull is made from a carbon composite and houses the electronic motors and corrosive resistant mechanisms. It is covered in a skin-like polymer layer that provides a realistic locus point for the head-gear seals. The breathing tube is attached within the mouth cavity and runs through the interior of the skull, through the stainless steel chassis below and terminates at the Digital Breathing Machine (such as the i-bodi DBM) which can be mounted at the bottom of the unit.

The intuitive software allows for any combination of movements and breathing patterns to be used, giving the user complete control of any test configuration including: configuring movements to a required degree of rotation; configuring breathing patterns to a required tidal volume; configuring the number of breaths per minute; and configuring the maximum flow rate. Depending on your requirements, we can provide a 10inch touch screen display unit or provide connection to a PC through a USB cable.

If less articulation would better suit your application or budget, the head-form is available in several different configurations. The lip mechanisms can be removed for example, which reduces the complexity and cost of the final head-form. We can also provide the Digital Breathing Machine and a chamber if required. For further options and pricing please contact us.

Please note colours may vary from the images.