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i-bodi Projects

For over 20 years i-bodi (formally Crawley Creatures Ltd) have been successfully designing, fabricating and managing projects from concept through to commissioning, ranging from a life size animatronic bird for the Tate Modern Gallery to a 12-axis full scale articulated mannequin and drive frame for chemical and biological protective clothing analysis.

We take great pride in our successful customer relationships, working closely through the development and fabrication of ideas to deliver a final product that surpasses expectations.

i-bodi are in the unique position of having emerged from the world of television and film special effects into the project development and management fields.  Our previous work has allowed us to gain a vast list of contacts in all areas of industry from wig making to laser profiling. 

We have experienced particular success in the design and fabrication of anatomically correct anthropomorphic test platforms for the evaluation of chemical and biological protective uniforms and equipment within environmental chambers.  These test rigs provide great advantages over traditional live participant testing; human involvement is minimised, results are quantitative values rather than qualitative participant opinion, tests are accurately repeatable and, therefore, much more reliable and comparable.


Porton Man


Chemically Resistant Automated Mannequin

Chemically Resistant Automated Headform


Tate Modern Sparrow

Medical Prosthetics


BBC Documentary

Respirator Testing Head Form

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